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Autism Peer Education

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About Autism
Peer Education

Prior to the launch of this project we consulted with Autistic people along with parents and carers in relation to preferred terms of language. As the feedback was quite balanced in terms of 'person first' language and the use of the term 'Autistic', we have intentionally referenced both terms, so as to ensure everyones individual choice is catered for.

Great Minds Together have been appointed by the NHS – Health Education England to deliver the first ever Peer Education Programme that treats the family as the workforce. The programme will support families, befriender’s, Personal Assistants and small independent care providers in order to ‘upskill’ the team around the family as part of an evidenced based programme to prevent escalation of mental health needs resulting in hospitalisation. This innovative programme sets out to provide a level of free education and support to families and professionals like no other; in order to ensure mental health comes first for autistic people. Great Minds Together have selected a small number of highly skilled partners and staff members in order to provide information for people across all walks of life, to include online training, CPD courses, interactive workshops, peer support groups and on-call support.

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Peer Educators

Andy Smith

Andy Smith talks about his life in this inspiring video and gives an insight into what has helped him with his mental health as an autistic person. Andy is an autistic advocate who has set up an amazing online community called Spectrum Gaming, a friendly and accepting space for autistic young people who have a shared passion for gaming.

Spectrum Gaming on Facebook 

Emma Mander &
Meg Walls

Emma and Meg, co-founders of Great Minds Together, and leaders of this project talk about what is available to families and professionals what is available to families and professionals that are supporting autistic people. They share a lot of resources and details of other services and support systems that are in place for people with autism and mental health needs.

Great Minds Together

Geraldine Hills

Geraldine Hills talks about emotional resilience and how this got her through some difficult times as a parent of an autistic young person with additional needs. Geraldine talks about how she turned her experience into something positive by inspiring others and helping other parents and carers, a support she wished was there when she was going through the process.
Inclusive Choice Consultancy

Garry Freeman

Garry Freeman is a National SEND system leader and Independent SEND Consultant who specialises in autism. Garry shares helpful information for families and professionals on how to manage mental health. 

Garry Freeman on Twitter

Angie Graham &
Tanya Gardener

Angie Graham is a Psychotherapist and runs CUDOX Wellbeing CIC. Angie is a parent of a child with SEND. Angie is joined by one of her Children and Young People’s Counsellors, Tanya Gardener. Here they talk about the importance of the relationship between the client and therapist and how to best promote emotional wellbeing when caring for someone who is autistic. 

Jenny Loughran

Jenny Loughran is a parent of an autistic child and talks about strategies she found helpful in managing her child’s mental health needs. Jenny also talks about what she wishes she knew when the family initially received her child’s diagnosis. Jenny formed Action4SEND with two other parents which is a successful parent and carer support group that provides a wealth of information to families on their platform. In addition, Jenny has been volunteering for Great Minds Together, supporting other families that are going through the process she has had to navigate and is now part of the NHS Health Education England Peer Education Programme.

Become a Peer Educator

We welcome anybody that would like to contribute to this project, and will be constantly expanding the Peer Educators involved. To contribute please email [email protected]

Stephen Ryder &
Maureen Favill

Stephen Ryder and Maureen Favill talk about their Grimbsy Full Families and Children in Need project, and the support they provide for families. They discuss the importance of respite for families and providing a much needed listening ear. https://www.mycpo.co.uk/ https://autismpeer.education

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The Great Minds Podcast

Collecting ‘Great Minds’ to work together on our journey to help solve the SEND crisis for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and/or social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. We will be discussing how education and social care impact these children, young people and their families and sharing good practice on how we can make the system better with a variety of guest speakers including parents, professionals and children.

Upcoming Events

Interactive sessions with some of the industry’s experts and expert parents.
If you would like to submit a question before the event please email [email protected] and advise which event you are attending.
We will try to cover all questions on the day. All events are recorded and available to view 24 hours after the event.

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Autism Peer Education

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