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Autism Peer Education

Autism Peer Education

Treating the family as the workforce

Can we ask you a few questions about your experience with us?

Emma & Meg from Great Minds Together with Vikki Threlfall & Paula Webb from PDA Society

Emma and Meg talk about PDA with Vikki Threlfall and Paula Webb from PDA Society. They cover lots of topics including terminology around PDA, helpful approaches, differences between ODD & PDA, EHCPs, working with professionals, and more. Part 1 of 2

Garry Freeman

Garry Freeman is an experienced SENCO and here he talks to us about some of his own personal experiences and shares some helpful tips on supporting young people that may struggle with self regulation.

Jenny Loughran Q&A

An interview with a Sensory Integration Occupational Therapist

Jenny Loughran Q&A

There was a reference to the ‘SEND Code of Conduct’ in this video, however, this is now the ‘SEND Code of Practice’ Read More

Geraldine Hills

In this episode we talk to Geraldine Hills about emotional resilience. Geraldine shares some helpful tips on how to be emotional resilient and how important this is especially as a result of the recent pandemic. https://www.inclusivechoice.com/

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